Software Audit Services

It sounds boring but having up to date audit information of your computers and software could save you thousands of pounds in fines.

FAST (Federation against Software Theft) are an organisation that exist to help prosecute businesses that have unlicensed software installed on their computers. If your organisation has software that is un-licensed or is infringing aspects of the license it was installed under, you are libel for prosecution.

We can help you keep track of your licenses, software and even help you avoid exposing your employees to aspects of the internet that could get you into trouble.

Our FAST accredited software manager can guide you through the steps you need to take to make sure your company doesn't fall foul of the law. Even if you have reconciled all your software against your licenses you are still open to prosecution by your staff if you don't have proper end user policies in place.

But don't worry, we can guide you through all the steps needed to become FAST certified which include:

  • End user policies
  • PC software and hardware inventory
  • Software license reconciliation
  • Ongoing software management procedures
  • Help prepare your application for FAST Audit Certification
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