Free IT Systems Survey

We all know how important it is to have the right IT infrastructure in place. But with technology changing so quickly, how do you know whether your systems can handle everything that's required of them day to day?

The answer . . . . take advantage of our free onsite systems survey to ascertain any issues with your IT infrastructure. You will receive a written report, providing you with an overview of how your IT is working for you across these different areas:

  • Disaster Recovery - If the worst happens, can your systems and business critical data be recovered quickly, efficiently and completely?
  • Security - How secure is your network and your company's data? How protected are you against viruses, malware and other threats?
  • Network - Is your network setup optimised? Is its potential being utilised?
  • Servers/Systems - Are you constantly experiencing email problems? Are you in need of hardware maintenance or upgrades? Is your company's software licensing legal and up-to-date?
  • Recommendations and where to go next - No obligation recommendations and solution details.

Contact us now to arrange your free onsite systems survey. Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to see how we can help your systems work better for your business.

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