When I started out, the web browser market was very different to today, for most of use our first web browsing experience was using NCSA Mosaic followed by Netscape Navigator. Then Internet Explorer arrived on the scene and by 1999 it had 99% of the browser market. Everyone thought the ‘browser wars‘ were over.

Browser Market Share Worldwide July 2017-2018But in 2008 a new browser launched from Google, Chrome. Since its launch its user base has grown steadily to where it now commands 60% of the browser share worldwide, followed by Safari, the Apple web browser. This popularity was driven by its speed when compared with Internet Explorer and its simple stripped down interface.

But, over recent months, we’ve noticed that Chrome has seemed increasingly sluggish. Have you found the same? So what’s the alternative choice available today?

Well Navigator morphed into Firefox, a great alternative browser. Meanwhile, Microsoft went back to the drawing board and launched Edge as part of the Windows platform, a much lighter, faster browser than Internet Explorer was. Of course on a Mac you have the option of Safari too.

So if you’re not happy with your current browser why not try one of the alternatives: