Ever felt like you have to keep banging the same old drum to get the message through? Yesterday, we spotted an article on the BBC news website which told us that someone else is banging the same drum we are . . . . disaster recovery planning for your IT systems.

A report by IT Group EMC said 74% of respondents (1,750 surveyed) were not very confident they could restore their networks and 54% had lost data or suffered downtime in the past twelve months. The conclusion? Firms need to place a greater emphasis on backup and recovery systems. Have you considered the cost if you don’t?

But day by day we still come across companies and individuals who have failed to make adequate provision for backing up their data and to plan for how to get back up and running as quickly as possible in the event of a disaster. If you’re worried that could be you, why not give us a call today and arrange a consultation with one of our IT support engineers.